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The Questions with Answers Project Proposal for Questions with Answers in Spanish.


Songs for Saplings uses music to equip families, churches, and ministries to be firmly rooted in a clear, memorable, and joyful understanding of Scripture, and to then use the music to easily and faithfully proclaim God’s Word and Gospel.

The “Questions with Answers” music series contains 115 songs in six albums, is based on the Westminster Shorter Catechism, and teaches theological concepts and the accompanying Scripture verses.

Songs for Saplings has translated the “Questions with Answers” series into many languages, and intends to translate and record the “Questions with Answers” series into Spanish. Vol. 1: God and Creation has already been released and the funding has already been given for the second album, “Vol. 2: The Fall and Salvation”. The proposed project will translate and record the remaining 4 albums:

• Vol. 3: Christ and His Work

• Vol. 4: The Word of God

• Vol. 5: Prayer and The Sacraments

• Vol. 6: Christ and His Return

The translation, recording, and production would be coordinated by Songs for Saplings. Once recorded, these albums would be made available to churches, families, and ministries engaging Spanish speakers around the world. The music would be made available for free across numerous online platforms and websites as well as to churches and ministries for free distribution.

The intended purpose and result of this project is to provide unprecedented and widely distributable theology and Scripture-learning resources in on of the world’s most widely-spoken language. These will serve as a foundation for proclaiming, teaching, and guarding the truth of God’s Word as the Christian faith is rapidly growing and maturing in these populations.

The total anticipated budget for the five-album project is $42,785.


Songs for Saplings is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is providing music that communicates Scripture and its rich truths in clear, memorable, and enjoyable ways.

Dana Dirksen composed the music. Her initial goal was to help her children understand and memorize Scripture. Over time, the projects grew, and Dana has completed eight albums in English, including the 6-volume “Questions with Answers” series.

Over the years Songs for Saplings has received many requests for these resources in other languages. The need for these resources around the world is great. There have been few resources like this available in the non-Western world. We want to make these songs available so that people will be able to learn clear, biblical truth simply by listening and singing.

We are now working hard to translate and distribute our music to churches, families, and ministries around the world. This involves translating and recording into strategic languages--work which is done at the request of, and in partnership with, local churches and ministries who are working in these language groups. Our desire is to provide this music at no cost to families, churches, and ministries which they can use for years to come.


In Romans 10, Paul tells us “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the word of Christ.” It is vitally important to hear Scripture’s truths clearly and repeatedly.

An estimated 2/3rds of the world’s population are “oral learners.” These are people that don’t clearly grasp the Gospel when it is shared through writing, but who receive and communicate information best through song, dialogue, or story.

It is estimated that 90% of the world’s Christian workers are attempting to use literate communication styles to present the Gospel. If we want oral learners to clearly hear and believe the Word of Christ we need to deliver it in a way they can hear it.

There are currently over 437 million native speakers of Spanish in the world (the world’s 3rd largest language group).

The “Questions with Answers” translation project provides biblically faithful music helpful for teaching Scriptural and theological truths.

The digital age, as well as the availability and prominence of technology in the Spanish speaking world, provides an incredible opportunity for spreading music quickly, widely, and cost-effectively.


• Complete the translation and recording of all six albums by 2021.

• Maintain the highest quality of music, translation, and theology.

• Make music available online using platforms and methods that the target audiences are using to consume music.

• Develop organizational partnerships who we resource with this music as ministry tools.




This is a big project, also, the enemy doesn’t want the Gospel spread to these countries. Please pray. Pray. Pray.

Please introduce yourself to us. We are looking for people working with Spanish speakers who may be interested in working with us on the translation project or using the finished music with Spanish speakers.

We believe that making this music available in Spanish will be a unique and valuable resource to the Church, ministries, and families around the world who work with Spanish-speaking people. We hope you will join us to help make this project a reality.



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