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Be a Gospel hero in Malawi

Updated: May 4, 2020

Across Malawi, lives are being changed and churches are being resourced with theologically rich music in their native language, Chichewa.

We've been working in Malawi for over 10 years through the work of our country director Yanjanani "Levi" Dannayo and dozens of dedicated volunteer staff. They have reached hundreds of thousands of kids who learn the "Questions with Answers" songs in public schools, churches, camps, orphanages, and at home.

Normally Levi's team travels all over the country, but COVID-19 has the whole country locked down. We quickly pivoted to social media to reach families, and a whole new opportunity is in front of us. Many churches and families are asking Levi to teach over social media and the Songs for Saplings ministry in Malawi reaching families at a whole new level!

At the same time, our funding for our work is down as people struggle all over. Would you consider sponsoring our work in Malawi? Here's a chance for you to really make a difference in a young Malawian's life by giving them access to the Questions with Answers music (for FREE!) in their own language.

If our music has been useful to you in teaching the kids in your care, please consider paying it forward by helping us bring the same music to another hundred thousand kids in Malawi and give them access to the same theologically rich music.

Also, please pray for us.

The enemy does not want these resources made available, and will put significant barriers in our way.

  • Pray for protection for the people of Malawian as they go through Covid-19.

  • Pray for us as we raise money to share this music and complete the last two albums.

  • And finally, please pray for the children and families who will receive this music through our partners at public schools, churches, youth camps, and ministries in Malawi. Pray that God would be preparing their hearts to receive the deep and eternal truths of God's Word.

In Christ, James and Dana Dirksen

To find out more information, please contact us, and you can donate easily below.


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