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A Perfect Fit For Malawi

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

“Children are understanding who Christ is.”

Songs plays a big part in the everyday life of Malawians. Singing can be heard throughout the streets as mothers work and children play. In this culture singing is frequently used as a method of teaching, celebrating and remembering. This aspect of the culture makes song an even more wonderful way to make Scripture’s message bite-sized, memorable, relevant and joyful.

“Culturally and traditionally in Malawi people like to sing and they speak and express what they have inside by singing… We are better at communicating everything through singing.”

- Rev. Chitheka

In Malawi, Songs for Saplings works widely at the grassroots level to teach solid, Biblical truths to thousands of children and adults through native-language songs designed to engage their hearts and minds.

“We are better at communicating everything through singing” Children easily learn solid, Biblical truths about their God and Savior and Scripture verses are stored in their hearts through our Chichewa translation of Songs for Saplings music.

Levi Dannayo, the director of Songs for Saplings in Malawi, heads up our Songs for Saplings project in Malawi.

Every week, Levi and other volunteers teach and share the songs at remote villages, orphanages, churches, schools, teacher trainings, seminaries and over weekly radio broadcasts in order to share these essential Bible truths with the people of Malawi.

Songs for Saplings’ “Questions with Answers” Volume 1: “God and Creation” and Volume 2: “The Fall and Salvation” have been translated and recorded in the local Chichewa language. Over the last several years these songs have been shared widely with thousands and thousands of children, parents and teachers across Malawi.

Next Steps: Translating Vol. 3 and Vol. 4

Over the next year, we plan to translate and record Volume 3 “Christ and His Work” and Volume 4 “The Word of God.” These will serve as free, easily shareable and culturally relevant Gospel-centered resources for churches, families and schools in Malawi.

“This project is the future of Nkhoma Synod CCAP, of my congregation… Children are understanding who Christ is.” -Rev. Chitheka, Nkhoma Synod CCAP

We ask that you prayerfully consider supporting this valuable project.

Across Malawi, lives are being changed and churches are being resourced through the work of Levi and his team. The leaders of the church in Malawi are excited to see children and families learning solid truths about the Christian faith through Songs for Saplings music.

Would you please pray for our team, our needs, and consider getting involved by supporting our team and our upcoming translation project? Would you, your family, church, or small group be interested to support this?

To find out more information, please contact us, or you can donate easily below.


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