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The Latest on our Mandarin Translation

Dear Friends,

You’re a bedrock of support as we seek to bring rich, robust theology to children through music. That mission doesn’t just focus on the US, where parents have lots of choices. We’re actively working on translation projects to bring our music to children around the globe.

Our Questions with Answers series is complete in English, French, and Ukrainian and we are actively translating our music into eight more languages. Today, we want to highlight one translation project that will impact millions of children.

As a reminder, the total cost of recording, producing, mixing, and publishing a volume in any translation is around $15,000. We need generous partners like you to help us share our gospel-rich music around the world!

The Mandarin Translation Update

Last fall, we launched a campaign to help us raise enough funds to bring our music to the largest first-language in the world: Mandarin Chinese. As we said then, the opportunity for kingdom impact is massive.

We’re so excited to announce that we successfully raised enough funds to move forward with Volume 1 of the Mandarin translation! To everyone who donated to help make this project possible, thank you so much. Your generous gift will enable us to take the riches of God’s Word to a nation where Bibles are suppressed but Christ’s church is thriving.

We’ve already recorded the adult singing parts for Volume 1, but we’re stalled because our local children singers have gotten COVID.

How you can pray: Please pray that our children singers and their families would recover or be protected altogether from COVID.

How you can help: Please donate to our Mandarin translation so we can record and publish Volume 2!

Connect us: If you know missionaries or pastors working in China, please connect us with them. Our Mandarin Chinese versions of Questions with Answers will be free for them to use.



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