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The Foundation of Faith Unshakeable

The Reimers
Noelle is pictured (2nd from left) with her family who are missionaries in Ukraine.

Guest Post by: Noelle Reimer

So, I was a young teen and quite proficient in the business of “eye rolling”. But, since no one could see me as I flopped my body lethargically in the backseat of the family minivan, I let out a (loud) melodramatic sigh. Being the oldest of 5 may have had its perks, but, at that moment, I couldn’t think of a single one as my mom turned on yet another “obnoxious little kids’ CD”. Or so I thought.

From the back of the minivan I tried to ignore how good the music sounded, and since I couldn’t just sink through the floor (or abandon ship) I started listening to the lyrics. Mom had it on repeat, so I listened and listened (and listened). Bitterness gave way to indifference, and indifference to, well, enjoyment! I began to appreciate the diverse musical genres blended into Songs for Saplings’ albums. In spite of myself, I was really enjoying the music.

As I grew to be an older teen, Dana’s songs never stopped playing. They graced every corner of life. In the car, at home, church, before bed -- everywhere. The priceless truths within the music built upon the foundation of my faith, making rich my understanding and deepening my affection for God and His Word.

I grew to love this music. And still do. Perhaps even more now than when I was young. Because now in my early 20’s and finishing college, I’m feeling more and more accountable for every step and misstep amidst the siren songs of the world, and I’m so thankful to have an unshakeable and deep foundation fortified by God’s Word through this music. I can honestly say I cling to Christ and seek Him all the more gladly because of Songs for Saplings’ faithful ministry in presenting the deep truths of Scripture in a way that is clear, concise, and <gasp> enjoyable!

My hope is that many more people, from moms to teens, dads, and toddlers may benefit deeply from listening (hint, hint ) to these valuable truths so necessary in building an unshakable foundation of faith.



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