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Gospel Resources in Arabic Coming Soon!

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

We have some great news!

Songs for Saplings is about to release "Questions with Answers Volume 1: God and Creation" in Arabic!

The Gospel in the Arabic-Speaking World

  • Around 420 million people speak Arabic today, making it one of the five most-spoken languages in the world!

  • Each individual in those 420 million has a particular, significant need: The Gospel.

  • Arabic is a fundamentally "religious" language. It is religious because the Koran was written in Arabic and it is a violation of Islamic law to translate it into any other language. So Arabic-speakers are used to thinking religiously in their mother tongue. They are eager to learn more, but Biblically-sound resources are rare in Arabic.

God has been working mightily around the world to draw Arabic speakers to Himself. We're hearing encouraging reports about conversions of Arabic speakers. But like all believers, Arabic-speaking believers need to be taught the Christian faith after their conversion. They must learn about who God is, what He has done, and what he wants his people to be.

What We've Been Doing and How You Can Help

To help meet this need for Bible-centered resources, we translated and recorded the first volume Questions with Answers into Arabic! You'll receive news very soon about the release of the album and how to get them for FREE! In the meantime, we need your help spreading the word!

If you or someone you know is interested in using the "Questions with Answers" music in Arabic, please let us know by filling out this quick form that takes less than 30 seconds to complete.

How You Can Pray

The enemy does not want these resources made available to Arabic-speakers and will put significant barriers in our way. Here's how you can pray:

  • Pray for safety as we travel to Arabic-speaking countries to record singers.

  • Pray for us as we raise money to make this music. The first album is 100% funded, and we have five more albums to go! You can donate below.

  • And finally, please pray for the children and families who will receive this music through our partners in Arabic-speaking countries. Specifically, you can pray that God would be preparing their hearts to receive the deep and eternal truths of God's Word.

That's it for now! Please remember to take a moment to fill out the form you can click here to donate to our ongoing work of spreading the deed truths of the Gospel in Mandarin, Spanish, and Arabic!



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