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Get New Music: Dana’s new Songbook finds God’s redemption in pandemic pain

When church small groups went remote in 2020, Dana began recording songs for the children in her church, each based on a Psalm they studied. In this new, remote style, Dana’s songs were sent to families for comfort and hope during the early days of the pandemic.

As days turned into weeks, and then months, Dana kept writing. Eventually, she recruited a guitarist, singer, and producer who remotely recorded and mastered the songs.

The result is a twenty-six song meditation on the faithfulness of God and the beauty he brings from the ashes of human experience.

The album is available for all Patreon members. Consider joining for just $3/month to get your hands on this important recording.

Discover the Benefits of our Patreon Membership

Songs for Saplings has grown because we found there were families all around the world who wanted the same things we did for our children: that they would grow in the knowledge and love of God. We’re continually encouraged by the love Songs for Saplings families have shown us over these years.

One way the Songs for Saplings community helps us write more music and distribute it to children worldwide is by joining a Patreon membership. For just $3/month, members get advance listening privileges. Other membership rates even get a free poster with the beautiful cover art for our Songbook for the Soul album.

Steady, monthly contributions allow us to plan ahead, spending more time writing and distributing music. Thank you in advance for being a part of our Patreon community.



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