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Arabic Volume 1 is Released!

You can listen to and download the FREE music here! You can also access the music on your favorite channels here: Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, and Deezer.

We thank God for His kindness in making this work possible. He is calling many daughters and sons to glory in the Arabic-speaking world, and we're so grateful to God for allowing us to help disciple His people through the deep and beautiful truths of His Word.

We cannot wait to see how the Lord uses these songs in the lives of Arabic speakers, and we hope you'll share your stories with us as this music goes forward.

We need your help to spread the word.

First, please share the news of this FREE resource with anyone and everyone you know that would benefit from deep biblical truths in Arabic. 

And second, please donate! Monthly donors really drive our ministry forward. It's fast and easy, and you can sign up for any amount here.

We're excited to be moving forward with the release of "Volume 2: The Fall and Salvation" in Arabic, but we really need a team of regular monthly supporters and donations of any size to keep producing this music and providing these resources for FREE around the world!

Your friends,

James and Dana Dirksen



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