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Depleted, Defeated, and Determined

Depleted and Defeated

Waking up, still feeling exhausted, you think you could not possibly give more or sleep any less.

You’re a mom. And moms never stop giving.

You feel like you empty yourself daily and it hardly ever feels like you are filled up. How can you continue to give and give and give if you feel depleted, defeated, and emptied even after your fourth cup of coffee?

Nevertheless, Determined

Even when you feel like you’re at your very end, you’re determined.

You know you want to take every opportunity to pour the word of God into your little ones and give them a strong foundation in the faith that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Songs for Saplings takes Scripture and its deep truths and communicates them in a way that gets deep into the heads and hearts of your kiddos. It’s also great music that won’t drive you crazy! Did we mention it’s free?

Even though you don’t feel like you have as much energy as you need for spiritual disciplines (for you or the kids), we can help. Put this music on when you’re going out, when you’re coming in, and anytime in between, and you’ll be making a deposit that will reap dividends for decades. Make Songs for Saplings music a regular part of your family’s life and these truths will be written on all of your hearts, quick to your lips, and stick with you (and them) for life.

Make Songs for Saplings a regular part of your family’s life (for free) by clicking here!



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